Friday, July 16, 2010

Youth Conference- Pioneer trek

This year as a youth conference the stake did a trek. It was a three days of walking. 1st day we got put in to family and we got a wooden spoon and we got to meet the PA and MA. the picture on the right is on the last day. going back to the first day we did a reenactment of the Sweetwater. the young men had to carry the young women across the river. after that the young men went a way and then the Young women had to push the hand cart up a muddy hill and then the young men was line up and they could not help the young women. that part hit with the spirit that the young men haves in my life and how blessed that we have the Pristhood in our life.

This picture is on the second day late that night we got runned out of camp because of a mob. it was people that I know then from school and then some of them i know from church. after we all went back to bed. also that night I skined my knee and foot. that day we walked at one point we stoped and we played some Pioneer games.

the last day of the trek was an emoional time. I think that it was like that because we made. this picture is the families of the youth with white hanky. after we got in someone brought popslicle and all of us were happy. this youth conferecne is one forr the book because the people, the place and the time that the leaders took to make it happend!!