Saturday, August 22, 2009


Go Columbus East
Friday August 14th 2009 school started. It was hard but I love to go to school because it was about time for it but Iam weird like that. The first day was so much fun because see friends that you have not seen for long time. The thing that I dislike about 1st day of school is all the teachers talking about the rules. I like being a Jr in high school because a have a year lift and all the things we can do know. we can go to prom.I ask myself this it feels like the school have more people in it.

This is what am doing in school
Mod 1- Food Science
Mod 2- Algebra II
Mod3&4 -American Studies
Mod 5a&5b lunch
Mod 6- Resource 2nd Semester World Religions
Mod 7- 2D Art
Mod 8- Resource
this is all my class. I had Culanry arts but i thought having for two mod of it was the time get there and getting ready and then we have to go. so I change my classes so i have 2D art and World Religions.
-Karrie Nelson-